The Curiosities of Cahir

We have decided to make a series called "The Curiosities of Cahir" -a virtual tour of Cahir which will showcase various locations and their history in our beautiful town.
We would like to reassure our viewers/followers that all videos were shot before the new restrictions came into place on Friday, March 27, and that all previous recommendations were adhered to during the shooting.

Episode 1, The First Earl of Glengall, Richard Butler

In Episode 1, Joe Walsh talks to us about the First Earl of Glengall, Richard Butler. We hope you enjoy it!!
Huge thanks to Ger Sheehan for filming and Patrick O'Donovan, The Heritage, for coffee on what proved to be a chilly morning.

Episode 2, 'Curious Little Roundy Corners'

Joe tells us about the "curious little roundy corners and the top bars of the railings" in The Curiosities of Cahir: Episode 2

Episode 3, 'Hartigan's Horse'

'Hartigan's Horse' set on Abbey Street is the topic for Episode 3. Once again thank you to Joe Walsh, Ger Sheehan & PJ O'Meara. (Apologies for the background noise)

Episode 4, 'Tobar Íosa'

Joe tells us about the history surrounding this sacred place in Cahir. We hope you enjoy it!
Thanks again to Joe Walsh, PJ O'Meara and Ger Sheehan.